Nigel Hillen Translations

Your reliable partner for Dutch to English translation and post-editing. Exceeding expectations with excellence.

Premier quality technical and scientific translations

Nigel Hillen Translations is a Netherlands-based service provider with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. Over time, I have cultivated a reputation for consistently delivering top-tier services to clients.

A Range of Services

Nigel Hillen Translations: Your trusted partner for translation and editing. Exceeding your expectations every time.

Editing services

Experience in editing documents for both the public and private sectors.

Translation Services

Transform your text with our expert linguistic services.

AReas of expertise

With a robust background in multiple disciplines, I bring a nuanced and comprehensive approach to translation that encompasses the fields of science, medicine, technology, environment, and editing, including post-editing. My expertise in science translation is grounded in a solid understanding of complex concepts, allowing for a precise and accurate communication of information. In the realm of medicine, I excel in interpreting and translating medical terminologies and patient information, ensuring clarity and compliance with regulatory standards. My proficiency in technology-related translation is marked by a keen insight into current innovations and technical language, enabling effective communication of intricate ideas. Environmental translations benefit from my awareness of ecological terminology and global sustainability issues, ensuring that vital information reaches all stakeholders effectively. Lastly, my editing skills are sharpened by a meticulous attention to linguistic nuances and contextual accuracy, ensuring that each translated document—whether freshly translated or post-edited—is of the highest quality, with attention to the subtleties of both source and target languages.


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